Our Cheese

European style. Kiwi character

Our recipes are based on traditional European techniques that we picked up on our grand tour back in 2010. We’ve spent years carefully crafting unique methods to better suit our fresh New Zealand goat’s milk. We make a range of cheeses, including fresh, ripened and hard varieties. You’ll find our cheeses share familiar formal characteristics to some of the classics: Gouda, Feta, Halloumi, Brie and Chèvre. However, our cheese names reflect the unique place names where our cheese is from. We believe a distinctive cheese is deserving of a unique name.

1a cloud -01.png

Cloud is our fresh goat’s milk in its simplest form. Fresh, citrus notes. Herbs, honey or chilli compliment this light, fluffy cheese.

4a te aute-01.png

Te Aute develops a thin, wrinkly rind and a runny centre with hints of nuts and sweetness.

5a full moon-01.png

Full Moon is our distinct version of a Brie style cheese. A creamy centre lies beneath a soft, white crust. Creamy, with some sweetness and nutty notes.

6a harvest moon-01.png

Harvest Moon is our special washed rind cheese. This rich, creamy, semi-soft cheese is washed in local beer to develop a sticky orange rind with beer and salty flavours.

3a halloumi-01.png

Our Halloumi is a rubbery, salty cheese with lemony notes. This cheese develops a crunchy, caramelised sweetness when cooked.

2a feta-01.png

Our Feta is distinctly different. This fresh, delicate cheese is incredibly white. Perfectly crumbly and pleasantly salty.

7a oma-01.png

Oma is our special hard cheese. A farmhouse style which develops a more complex, stronger flavour over many months.