Farmstead Fresh Goat's cheese and Milk from Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Farmstead Cheese

Our Farmstead Cheese is made on our family farm with the milk from our own goats. Farmstead best describes this specialist process which results in our own unique, quality cheese. This begins with the grass we grow through to how we care for our animals. This ensures the best goat’s milk is used to make our cheese. We hand-craft all our cheese in small batches. Similar to wine making, our cheeses have unique characteristics owing to our farm's local terrior. Distinct and authentic, reflecting the characterises of our small herd, seasonal changes and pasture.


Meet the Cheesemakers

Ann & Geoff Nieuwenhuis


Annie and Geoff Nieuwenhuis met while studying science at Massey university. They settled for a rural lifestyle in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay region. For thirty years, Annie has worked as a Veterinarian while Geoff raised their five children and farmed the land. Annie brings her expertise in animal care and husbandry to ensure the goats are happy and healthy. Geoff’s background in horticulture and farming is well suited for maintaining the right feed for the goats. Together they’ve embarked on a new venture to make the best quality cheese from their own goat’s milk.


The Farm

Great cheese starts in the paddock. Our goats are free to graze on green pasture and browse beneath the limestone outcrops of the Waikareao Road Valley. This is real New Zealand countryside, located a short drive south of Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. One of the challenges of dairy farming is achieving returns from the land on a sustainable basis. We’ve consciously kept our herd small along with careful management of our farm to ensure we have the best balance and least impact on the land.


The Creamery

It’s a short walk from the milking parlour up to our creamery on the hill. We make all our cheeses in our 1905 Farmstead Villa, which we relocated to our Te Hauke block in 2014. The former Nanny’s wing was carefully converted into a specialist production room and cheese cave. Our bespoke creamery is perfect for our small-scale production. Each cheese is lovingly hand-crafted while looking out the window to see our goats browse in the paddock.


Meet the team

We know our goats by name

Meet some of our small herd. We have Anglo-Nubian, Toggenburg and Saanen Dairy Goats.

Tabitha   CEG - Chief Executive Goat


CEG - Chief Executive Goat

Jacinda   COG - Chief Operating Goat


COG - Chief Operating Goat

Ellie   CMG - Chief Milking Goat


CMG - Chief Milking Goat

Charlotte   Team Lead - Kids


Team Lead - Kids

Oliva   Pasture Analyst


Pasture Analyst

Emily   Goat Resources Manager


Goat Resources Manager